The songs of MINA FAJARDO

Renown Flamenco Artist, Mina Fajardo’s Japanese/Spanish influenced classical album, including the most popular kids song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in flamenco. Monet’s Moon & Moonlight were performed as a world premiere flamenco classical dance & music. Released 2019

123 Baila Baila en Santa Fe
by Mina Fajardo

© Copyright – Minako Shibata / Mina Fajardo (192914572169)

Kids/Family/World music in Spanish, English, Japanese and French. Mina made this song for Children all over the world enjoy happily understanding the 4 beats, and the number’s 1 through 12 (same as the clock). All ages can dance and sing around the world.

Genre: Kids/Family: General Children’s Music
Release Date: 2018

Album this album
Spanish Title: 123 Baila Baila en Santa Fe
English Title: 123 Dance Dance in Santa Fe

Let’s sing together with any language and city’s name!
¡Vamos a cantar juntos con cualquier idioma y el nombre de la ciudad!

Mina was born in Japan, and renown as a flamenco dancer “Mina Fajardo”. She teaches flamenco dancing and singing, at several schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In this song Spanish, English, Japanese, and French are used. Children all over the world enjoy happily understanding the 4 beats, and the number’s 1 through 12 (same as the clock). The meaning of this song was to represent how numbers can be said by different languages, and still have the same meaning. Mina’s husband “Chuscales” (a world renown flamenco guitarist from Spain) helped with the instrumental part of this song. Both are happy to have finished this song, all ages can dance and sing around the world.

For her, Spanish is the fifth foreign language. People who listened to this song for the first time probably hear Japanese accent Spanish, English and French. · It is a wish that children and their families will not be shy and learn the language of which country.

She made these songs and lyrics from her 28 years teaching experience. A singer-songwriter, playwright, choreographer, teacher and dancer (flamenco, ballet, escuela bolera, tap and jazz), Fajardo has performed more than 5000 shows and concerts in Japan, Spain and United States past 30 years.


Mina nacida en Japón enseña baile flamenco y canto en varias escuelas de la ciudad de Santa Fe. Para esta canción se usa el español, el inglés, el japonés y el francés. Los niños de todo el mundo disfrutan entendiendo alegremente los 4 tiempos, el número de 1 a 12 (igual que el reloj) y el nombre de la ciudad como idioma. Cambiar y cambiar canciones para que sea posible bailar mientras se canta en todo el mundo.

Mina, née au Japon, enseigne la danse flamenco et le chant dans plusieurs écoles de la ville de Santa Fe. L’espagnol, l’anglais, le japonais, le français sont utilisés pour cette chanson, les enfants du monde entier aiment bien comprendre le 4 temps, le nombre de 1 à 12 (le même que l’horloge) et le nom de la ville comme langue Changer et changer de chansons pour permettre de danser en chantant autour du monde.